It Is About Making a Difference

Over the years, I have had the privilege to work with very talented people; people that knew more than I did; people that were much smarter than I was.  Nonetheless, it has been, and continues to be, very rewarding to see that I can help channel energy, increase focus, grow to the next level, and show that the perception of “impossible” is self-fulfilling, and that the perception of “possible”, also is.  Here are some heartfelt comments from people I had he honor to work with.

“Robert is a true visionary.  He is an extremely dedicated professional who brings to any enterprise a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  In my own experience, I found Robert to be inspirational in his mentorship and always available to support his entire team.”

“Robert has a wealth of wisdom and real-world experience that can benefit high-tech startups.”

“Within two hours [Robert] created more hope than the board had seen since our original investment two years ago.”

“My sincere thanks again for your contribution, you are very frank/candid and correct [in your assessment].”

“Thanks so much for all your help.  Your insights are extraordinary and your frankness very much appreciated.  I feel you have really made a difference for us.”

“Robert is a high quality, C-level executive who will get the job done. His track record speaks for itself.”

“Robert brings his considerable experience in senior leadership and sales to a small organization scenario; a situation / benefit very few small organizations manage to attain.”

“Robert’s vision and senior management expertise are tremendous assets.  He brings unending determination, skill and vision to work everyday.”

“Robert exhibits superior visioning and leadership.  He is a dedicated and hard working individual who does not compromise on quality of work or ethics.  His skills and forward thinking would assist any company in their efforts in becoming an even greater organization.”

“Robert is a true visionary and strong business leader.  His ability to draw on many years of experience as an enterprise builder and strategist provides tremendous leverage and value for those seeking his help.  His passion for business strategy and organizational development is infectious.”

“Robert has a constant customer focus.  As a Business/IT Partner, he had the highest scores in terms of customer satisfaction.”

“Robert is the consummate professional Businessman.  His drive and vision are tremendous and he works very closely with Strategic Alliances, which is very refreshing.”

“I have known Robert for over twenty years.  Solid, relentless, great leadership skills, straight shooter, hardworking, smart, affable, and a team player.”

“You are and no doubt continue to be, a strong and caring leader – a touch of class from a man of style.”

“I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to expand my career, in more ways than I had ever imagined possible.”

“I felt quite honored and proud to be part of an organization who had as its leader a truly genuine and dynamic individual as yourself.”

“I want you to know that I’ve always and still hold you in high regards.  To me your dynamic personality clearly represented the spirit of [the organization].”

“Thank you for your leadership and contribution to making my five and a half years with [the organization] a wonderful and enjoyable experience.”

“[The organization’s] success has very much to do with your contribution in both the area of sales and through your leadership.”

“Your message expressed both interest and care in the people you provided leadership to for 5 years… and that’s the mark of TRUE leadership.”

“By the way, […] is a customer. The deal was $9.2M. Thanks for your support on that contract Robert.”

“[The American subsidiary] has adopted the approach we implemented here in Canada.  We owe a great deal to your support of this Canadian initiative.”

“I wanted you to know how much class you added to the organization.”

“From the first time we meet I recognized the strong leadership qualities that you have.  I also admired the vision and philosophy you brought to our organization.”

“I wanted to say “Thank You”, not only for the time that you spent with all of us, but also for the time you spent explaining the thoughts.”

“You helped open our eyes to the outside and gave us a real view into better thinking.  I enjoyed the freshness of your ideas.”

“I would like to thank you for your tutelage and mentoring.”

“I will remember you as a visionary.”

“You brought a new perception in our ever changing business environment.”

“You provided something I was looking for: the mentor approach, a rare skill in this fast changing time.”

“You have shown tremendous strategic insight on how to move a specific business opportunity forward towards a successful result.”

“You have such class and passion… Thank you for the opportunity to grow and challenging me to think out of the box…”

“You have a passion for life/business/family that I admire.”

“I appreciate the faith you have shown in me & the empowerment you provide.”