Why a leadership framework?

Posted by Robert Beauchemin on Mar 9, 2008

After running several companies, ranging from a few employees to several hundreds, and after reading 100s of management books, I remained unsatisfied.  None of these books could have been sufficient as a single guide to help me in any of my leadership jobs.

They were all great books, and I mean that – really great books.  You can see some of my favorites here <http://rgbglobal.com/html/bibliography.html>.

The reason for my dissatisfaction is because, individually, each book helped solve some of my issues as a CEO, but in an unconnected way.  This unconnectedness was my big problem.  I had to make the connections myself; I had to reconcile what one author said, with what another professed.  Every time, although no connection was evident at first, my experience told there were several very complex connections.

How was I supposed to connect the notions of strategic planning theory with the best execution practices?  What is it that drives shareholders value?  Picking the right strategy is the first step, but only the first step.  Picking the right strategy is essential, but insufficient, if the strategy does not get executed.  How do link hiring with shareholder value creation?  By having the right people, with the right personalities, in the right seat that are able to deliver the strategy.

As a leader, I had to understand the connections between the various leadership principles.  That led me to develop a leadership framework