Developing your organization

The smallest fracture in the leadership fabric appears as an abyss to the organization.  RGB Global believes that a better understanding between  the members of Board of directors and management team members changes the interaction model and maximizes the likelihood of success.

Key to executive foresight is the implement of an Organizational Development system, and the related alignment principles that will fully support strategy execution, including organizational structure, compensation, succession planning.  Organization Development may also include assisting your organization in the transition from a Founder leadership model to a hired-CEO leadership.

RGB Global supports Organizational development through many service offerings:

  • Building Board of Directors Governance and the related Charters
    RGB Global has experience in developing greater cohesiveness amongst directors and in the development of Charters for Board of Directors and the various committees.
  • Founder transition coaching
    The transition from a founder to a hired CEO is a significant challenge for any organization.  RGB Global has experience in make such a transition a winning proposition for the founders, their organizations and the hired CEOs.
  • Developing your Executive Team Cohesiveness
    RGB Global will increase the level of cohesiveness in your Leadership Team by using Tracom Group’s SOCIAL STYLETM Model which, contrary to other industrial psychology tools, uses the observations of others and not just our own perspective in establishing one’s personality profile.
  • Executive coaching
    Like professional athletes at the peak of their game rely of professional coaches to keep them at the edge, RGB Global’s Executive Coaching helps leaders become vastly more productive, while aligning their career and work life with their personal goals and values.
  • Succession planning
    Succession planning never ends. When it is working right, it systematically identifies, assesses, and develops an organization’s capability to meet future priorities.
  • Staff development planning
    Staff Development planning, including Leader assimilation coaching; as well as Leadership and Employee development plans, ensures that you build the bench strength needed to take your organization to the next level.