Executive Coaching

Have you ever wished you had an unbiased ‘peer professional’ to talk to about your business needs?  Someone who has been in similar situations, and has survived and even thrived?  Someone who can ask the right questions, poke and prod when necessary, and be fully committed to YOUR success; without an alternate agenda?

Executive Coaching is equally important to support those who are ready to immerse themselves in a concentrated period of developing their unique leadership style, those who have been star performers in their past roles and now find themselves facing new, often broadened responsibilities, as well as those who wish to address a small number of issues specifically related to their current leadership responsibilities.  Targeted outcomes typically include: enhanced leadership presence and authenticity; accessing personal power for maximum impact; integration/life balance; and deepened career satisfaction.

Like professional athletes at the peak of their game rely of professional coaches to keep them at the edge, RGB Global’s Executive Coaching helps leaders become vastly more productive, while aligning their career and work life with their personal goals and values.

RGB Global provides confidential real time coaching for executives and managers enabling them to identify, diagnose and solve problems at work, use their strengths more effectively, recognize their weaknesses, and achieve their professional objectives.

Depending upon the needs of the individual, some areas usually covered are:

  • Developing realistic career and life goals
  • Analyzing critical issues at work
  • Identifying barriers to further success
  • Improving business and personal relationships
  • Improving individual performance and productivity
  • Achieving personal and professional satisfaction

RGB Global’s Executive Coaching is available as an annual program with fees starting from $50,000.

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