Succession Planning

Succession planning never ends.  When it is working right, it systematically identifies, assesses, and develops an organization’s capability to meet future priorities.  Succession planning also helps ensure adequate bench strength to deliver your business strategies. It enables a systemic and continuous talent supply, one that keeps pace with your business growth and competitiveness.

RGB Global believes succession planning, if successfully managed, will deliver your strategy through dynamic realignment and talent development against important roles.

RGB Global will work with your organisation to decompose your business strategies into critical succession factors and assemble the framework.  Some jobs and/or roles are the lifeblood of your organization – those that are “mission critical.”  These jobs and/or roles are built into your succession plan.  Next, we help you identify, assess, and evaluate talent pool readiness against the specific business roles and future needs.  We help minimize risk by matching individuals against probable job moves, conducting gap analyses, clarifying move risks/advantages, and focusing strength to the changed requirement of new positions.

Throughout the process, we help you ensure key roles and role-specific competencies are tied to business objectives, and succession keeps pace with marketplace change.  The succession is dynamic, strategic, and development-aligned.

RGB Global’s work on succession integrates our expertise in decoding the success requirements of specific roles, as well as the personal attributes needed within them.

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