Strategic Planning

Defining and Articulating your Strategic Plan

The purpose of writing a Strategic Plan is to create amongst all employees a shared understanding of WHO the organization is, WHERE it wants to go, and HOW it intends to get there.

RGB Global will work with your team to define and articulate your strategic plan.  This will include:

  • Doing Culture Assessment
  • Establishing Corporate diagnostic
  • Preparing a SWOT Analysis
  • Assessing with brutal honesty your current situation
  • Establishing Competitive Benchmarking
  • Organizing and facilitating Strategic Planning retreats.  RGB Global provides professional facilitation and challenges your management team to develop new ideas about your future. Over the course of one to three days, RGB Global facilitate your planning session in many ways:
    • Orients management to changing trends in your market
    • Objectively assesses common and divergent opinions and priorities among the management team
    • Build Executive team cohesiveness using Tracom Group’s SOCIAL STYLETM Model
    • Helps create a concise vision and set of strategic objectives for the organization
    • Develops specific strategies to differentiate the institution in the eyes of the customer
    • Prioritizes strategies based upon their contribution to shareholder value
    • Builds concrete action plans to make the vision a reality
    • Discusses organizational changes and resources required to implement the Strategic Plan
    • RGB Global customizes its agenda and planning approach to the style and priorities of management.
  • Formulation on your Envisioned Future – 3 to 5 years out
  • Core strategies articulation
  • Product vision and roadmap formulation
  • Strategic corporate vision statement formulation
  • Declaring a Corporate Culture
  • Defining the Critical Success Factors and a short term plan
  • Development of your Vision Manifesto: RGB Global jointly develops with you a Vision Manifesto that clearly articulates the vision, objectives, strategies, and action plans of your organization.  This Strategic Plan is written in a straightforward manner so that management, board members and employees can understand and support your organization’s direction.
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